Leneh is a singer who likes to sing in many genres and situations. Read and listen more about the different singing events she takes part in.

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Solo parts in studio recordings  Listen to: "Angel of dreams" from the CD "I AM", Tomas Bodin (2005).

Choir singing on studio recordings. Listen to: "Food" from the CD "You are", Eggs & Dogs (2009).

Singing events (live):

(More listening examples are soon available! We're working on it this very moment!)

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● Music to wedding Link

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Quotes about Leneh, the singer:

- Just wanted to say God great lyrics and what a beautiful voice you have I am totally crazy about your voice, just so you know."
(Written in the old guestbook on leneh.com by Linnéa, 2009)

- You sang exactely the songs I wanted to hear, the ones that is not so often heard! I could have listened forever!
(Lena, guest on a party, 2007)

- Hi Leneh! You have a magnificant voice! It's pure gold! The gig you and Tomas did was great! You will go far, girl!
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Patrik, 2008)

- I have heard Leneh and Tomas (Bodin) many times now and they are always so good and so professional.  
(Event manager, Stockholm, 2009)

- We want to thank you for singing so beautiful on our wedding and for making our wedding ceremony so magical everything was so perfect.
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Peter&Therese, Björklinge)

- I really have to say this: Leneh, your performance this evening made this event to a success!
(Toni, partymanager, 2008)

- I love your warm and soulful voice.
(Written by Tomas Bodin about Leneh's contribution to the CD "You are" wtih Eggs&Dogs, 2009)

- A big thank you for last night! Your performance was indeed really good. Your way to speak about your music and not least your way of singing your melodies. I was listening from a distance and could see how many people was mooving to the rythm of the music. I hope I will get a chance to hear you again.
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Ellinor, 2008)

- Hi lovely Leneh! You are a wonderful person and I get happy to look at you! The fact that you also sing so my whole heart opens up make you so complete! When I went home from Grebbestad I listened to one song the whole way (it is true...) from Karlstad to Stockholm!!!! "Ute på vår båt" make me so calm and happy...
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Marita)

- Thanks for yesterday! Very nice singing and playing and great company! "The 40-year-old" is so happy that you came and sang for us!
(Johan's family, 2009)

- Thought about you and your brother when I heard Takida. It was a party that we will remember! You were incredible! Give our love to Alex!
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Annelie K, 2009)

- Thank you for a wonderful concert. The lyrics really reached us all, looking forward to listen to the CD!
(Written in the old guestbook leneh.com by Miche&family, 2009.)

- We just want to thank you for your great performance on our wedding day. It turned out to be a fantastic day and it was fun to hear the whispers when we danced "the wedding waltz" that wasn't a waltz but "our song" ("Då behöver jag ingenting mer") that you sang so beautifully in church. Many hugs from us to you. A day to always remember.
(Written in the new guestbook at leneh.com by Stefan & Linda, 2010)