"- I have written music and lyrics all my life", Leneh says. "- It's as important and natural as it is for me to talk."

From the early years as a blond toddler, Leneh has been composing her own music and been writing lyrics.

Though she has always loved the process of writing and composing - for many years she put the songs and the not finished music ideas in folders that collected dust on her bookshelves.

Autumn 2007 Leneh got a question about singing some of her own songs in a live performance for the first time. The response to the music gave Leneh enough courage and inspiration to make a decision to record her songs and make a record. 2008 the debutalbum "Här" ("Here") was recorded.

2009 and 2010 the inspiration and creativity has been flowing and growing... Leneh, that was a little bit scared that the inspiration would fade out after the first debut album is happy that the inspiration is not gone, but has grown even stronger. New compostitions is now ready (or almost ready...) for two records in swedish and one in english.
and... the 23 of novembre 2011 the CD "Fem I Tolv" is released!

Leneh is open to different kinds of cooperations with other people that works with writing, composing, film, theatre, lectures, events. Contact: info@leneh.com!

Leneh's music has been heard in:

- "P4 Lajv".
One hour live concert in Radio Uppland, Swedish radio Channel 4 (SR P4).

- Swedish televison documentary "Mitt huvud är en torktumlare" (SVT).
(The songs "Jag väljer att leva" and "När solen bryter fram")

- "Dokument inifrån" on swedish television about relationships (SVT).
("Då behöver jag ingenting mer")

- "Mitt P3 Hood" on swedish radio. (SR P3)
("Jag väljer att leva")

- SR P4:s playlist, national and regional radio
("Här kan man andas" and "Då behöver jag ingenting mer")

- "Svensktoppen" spring 2009.
("Då behöver jag ingenting mer")

-Radio in Norway and Finland.

- Churches in Sweden.

(Sheets of music for "Då behöver jag ingenting mer" has been sent out to many different parts of Sweden to be used for weddings.)

(Leneh and other lecturers use Leneh's music in combination with different kind of lectures.)

- Gym.
("Fri") (Surprising, but fun!)

- Concert halls

- Culture festivals
(In Uppsala city and in Södertälje)

Quotes about Leneh, the songwriter:

- Wonderful music, Your music makes me strong and happy.
(Written in the old guestbook at leneh.com by  Richardo)

- "I need to listen to your CD every morning, especially "I choose life"!

(Entrepreneur, Uppsala)

- "Your music help me to relax!"
(Listener, after a gig in Stockholm)

- I want one record for me, one for my daughter, and one for my son. I want the to hear these lyrics.
(After a conference in, Stockholm)

- We have chosen "Då behöver jag ingenting mer" instead of the traditional wedding waltz.

(Wedding couple, Ekerö)

- "It is my life you sing about! I say it again: My life!"

(Listener, Västerås.)

- I have been humming on "Ute på vår båt" since you sang it for us. It is "summer" to me!

(Organizer, Uppsala)

- Thank you for a wonderful music experience in Örebro. I just love you and your music.
(Written in the old guestbook at leneh.com by Biggan)

- I love your record... ...you inspire me. A big hug to you and to your courage.
(Written in the old guestbook at leneh.com by Jenny)

- All the songs are good, but TID (Time) is the one that my heart embraced immediately.
(Written in the old guestbook at leneh.com by Monica)