Leneh gives four different lectures/workshops. You can read more about them below!

Leneh is also invited to be interviewed on stage and taking part in different kinds of presentations and debates about music and creativity, positive an negative aspects of being "different".

She also can create a special singing/talking presentation to suit a certain theme or event.

You will also find some quotes on this page!

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Leneh's lectures & workshops:


Quotes about Leneh, the lecturer:

- The lectures was high class. Leneh from Uppsala started the conference with a performance in words and music. It was a good start.
(Participant, blogging about Activas yearly conference in Örebro, 2009)

- I just wanted to say that when you entered the stage, you spread a wonderful energy that made me calm and relaxed. Exactely what was needed after many different interesting lectures, to finish the day with your lovely songs.
(Listener, Gävle concert hall, 2009)

- I have worked with this my whole life, but I have never been so enlightened as I was tonight. Thank you!
(Listener, Luna art centre, Södertälje, 2009)

- You gave me inspiration to go home and be creative. I made a painting after meeting you. My daughter E was inspired to continue to write lyrics. She is soon 8 and by meeting you she realized what her mother is talking about. You can do what you want.
(Eva, Enköping, 2009)